Winter Hot Tub Hire, Derby, Nottingham and Midlands

Winter Hot Tub Hire, Derby, Nottingham and Midlands

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When the weather gets colder its a great time to enjoy a hot tub. There is nothing more inviting than sitting in a steaming hot tub under the stars. At Midland Hot Tub Hire we are doing a winter offer for 4 weeks hire for £400 to help you make the most out of your hot tub. We’ve put together a quick check list to help you prepare for your hot tub rental and to make sure you stay cosy and warm!

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Hire a gazebo in case of inclement weather, its also an ideal place to hang up your robe and towel to keep you snuggly on the way to and from the hot tub.
Wear a woolly hat! (or swim cap) The steam coming off the water can cool on your head and turn into water which can make your head feel cold. If this does affect you put a hat on in the tub – I promise it works!
Make sure you have adequate lighting around the hot tub. Battery operated or solar are best. Avoid plug in electrical lights near the hot tub – electric and water don’t mix!
Put a non slip mat down where you get in and out the hot tub. If it freezes you wont slip when you are getting in and out of the hot tub. We usually put synthetic grass down as a mat.
Follow the safety instructions and maintenance instructions to make sure you get the most out of your hot tub. Keep your filters clean and the chemicals topped up to ensure lovely clean water when you want to use your hot tub.

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Midland Hot Tub Hire cover all areas of the Midlands including Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Coventry, Rugby and Stoke on Trent. All of these areas can take advantage of the Winter offer but there may be a small delivery charge to some areas. Call Midland Hot Tub Hire on 07973 298345 to book your long term hot tub hire today!