5 Bonfire Night Hot Tub Party Ideas

5 Bonfire Night Hot Tub Party Ideas from Midland Hot Tub Hire that you and your friends will love!!

Bonfire Night Hot Tub PartyBonfire night is only a week away and if you fancy a Bonfire Night with a difference then our 5 Bonfire Night Hot Tub Party Ideas is just for you. Just imagine floating in the lovely warm water under the stars watching everyone elses fireworks go off. Make sure your hot tub party sparkles with these top five tips:

  1. If you have a small garden or you don’t fancy a real fire, try experimenting with fairy lights or use a fire pit. We have found some great ideas and have put them all together on our pinterest board. Its not advisable to have a real fire too close to the hot tub, as most of them are plastic and they don’t like being too close to extreme heat.
  2. Rain, Rain, go away. Don’t let the weather forecast put you off. You can still enjoy using your hot tub by using a gazebo over the top. You can decorate the gazebo with fairy lights (battery operated ones are best) and sit in the hot tub with a sparkler while everyone else gets wet outside in the cold rain! Consider having 2 gazebos next to each other or a large 6x3m gazebo (if space will allow) so you can have somewhere to sit undercover when you aren’t in the hot tub.
  3. If you’re worried about being cold, don’t be! The water can be heated up to 41 degrees, making sure you stay lovely and warm. If you are really concerned there are some reasonable priced outdoor heaters that can be used. Just remember that water and electricity don’t mix so make sure you follow any instructions carefully and keep any electrical appliances the recommended distance away from the hot tub.
  4. Don’t forget some tasty nibbles and warming drinks. We are loving the self service food stations that are trending on Pinterest. Keep hot items warm on a hot plate or in a slow cooker. Keep snacks light, you don’t want to feel too full when you are in the hot tub.
  5. Finally make sure you have some spare towels handy because someone will always forget there towel! Remind your guests to bring towels, robes, and flip flops. Use an over door hanger under the gazebo to keep towels and robes nearby.

We have put some of our favourite Bonfire Night Ideas, including recipes for nibbles and drinks on a Bonfire Night Pinterest Board, check it out for more Bonfire Night inspiration.

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